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The software for medical specialists

Free professionals

and for all healthcare professionals à


The software for all healthcare professionals

The missing software for nurses

Customizable software for medical specialists free re professionals

Manage your patients in the

office, clinic or at

home. MacOs ®, Windows ®, iPad ® and iPhone ®

The software is the same, but the fields, forms and buttons are customizable. Conclusion: the software is yours and DIFFERENT from the others.

Finally a software for nurses. Also grown with their support, used for simplicity and richness of functions.


Customize your DoctorOffice

The customization possibilities are endless and the use is indicated in all medical branches, for nurses who carry out home care and / or technicians and health workers who manage clinics or collaborate in health studies for rehabilitation therapies (physiotherapists), but also health care (podiatrists), etc.

The characteristics

You can create personal data sheets containing personal data and a first classification of the patient. But also the patient's photo, update it with time and use the Google maps to be guided

to his home. For each patient we can record images, videos, sounds, attach files in all most common formats: PDF ®, Word ®, Excel ®. We can classify images, but also compare and index them by name, file type,

size, height, width, and ef About research: within each module / card it is possible to carry out

a search, thus also by crossing data from different modules. The results obtained can be viewed, but also exported to share them with other programs ( statistical software, spreadsheets, etc.)

The DoctorOffice modules

Each personal data sheet contains the Informed Consent module (also customizable), linked to


satellite modules: 1) Anamnesis, Genealogical

Tree2) Medical

/ Surgery3) Diagnostics

/ Consulting4 ) Multimedia files: Word, Excel, Video, Images, Sounds, etc.5)

Analysis Laboratory6) Certificates7)

Economy (pre-configured

export for electronic invoices and spreadsheets or even customizable).


We always work to improve

Our software is offered to doctors ß-testers of different specialist branches, as well as to various operators such as Nurses, Physiotherapists and technicians who use it in their daily professional activity and constantly suggest implementations, modifications, which can

make the user experience even simpler and more intuitive, complete and powerful.

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